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  Free State Drilling Inc. have been dedicated to providing the highest quality drilling and related services for Geo-technical, Ground Water Investigation and Redemption Projects.


            Mr. Scribellito has over 36 years of drilling experience in international and domestic market places. His experience includes Production and Environmental Wells, Soils and Rock Investigations, Geo-technical Sampling, Cone Penetrometer Testing, and Direct Push Technology.  He has installed large diameter Production Well Pumps, Environmental Pumps for Recovery Systems and Packer Test Systems. He has used Air Rotary, Reverse and Direct Mud Rotary, Cable Tool, Hollow Stem Auger, Rock Coring and Barge Drilling Techniques. He holds Licenses in Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey.  As well as the FHWA Subsurface Investigation certification.


            FSD uses only high quality products, well maintained equipment and experienced field personnel. All field personnel are trained in accordance with OSHA CFR 1910.120 and licensed to install wells in many states throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. All crew members carry Level D and Level C Personal Protective Equipment in their vehicles.



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