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            Our geographic operating and marketing area includes all of the Mid-Atlantic and neighboring states. We hold drilling licenses in Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey, for the installation of both commercial and domestic wells as well for environmental and geotechnical applications. We also maintain a business license in the District of Columbia. To date Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina regulate drilling by issuing contractor licenses to the registered companies. In this ever-evolving market, we are extremely attentive to the changes in our industry by the various regulatory agencies and local municipalities.


           To keep pace with state of art techniques, we are committed to the purchase of new and reliable equipment; this will limit mechanical problems and minimize lost time on the job, thereby providing our clients with minimum scheduling delays for their projects.


          With our equipment and personnel we can perform Hollow Stem Auger, Mud Rotary, and Rock Core Drilling Methodology.



Free State Drilling, Inc. is fully insured with limits meeting or exceeding current industry standards. 

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